IG – a seasoned player, you could say the most seasoned in the forex market. This is a forex trading platform belonging to the IG Group Holding Plc, a global conglomerate established in 1974 under the name IG Index, specializing in providing innovative solutions to predict gold prices for retail investors. To understand more about this broker, please follow our latest IG platform review below!


Overview of IG platform

IG is a leading global online trading provider, established since 1974, enabling you to access opportunities across thousands of financial markets. To deliver the best service quality, IG offers award-winning platforms with market-leading services. IG’s trading platform has consistently earned recognition in the financial industry. Most recently, this broker was awarded the Best Multi-Platform Provider of 2022 and the Best Financial App (at the ADVFN International Financial Awards).

With over 45 years of experience leading the market, IG has served more than 300,000 clients worldwide to date, with business offices in 17 countries and headquarters across five continents.

When choosing to trade with IG, investors need not worry about depositing funds. The platform places a high emphasis on the security of client funds, and IG International is licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority to conduct investment and digital asset business operations.

For a clearer understanding of the legal aspects, please continue reading the article below!

IG Platform Operating License

With its establishment dating back to 1974, it can be said that IG is one of the oldest and most experienced trading platforms in existence today. It’s not by chance that a trading platform can thrive for so many years and through various challenging phases, which is why investors can have peace of mind when trading with this platform.

IG Group is a publicly traded conglomerate on the London Stock Exchange. This is a feature that enhances IG’s transparency as the company must adhere to regulations related to public disclosure, such as financial reporting. In addition, the IG trading platform is registered with reputable organizations, including:

  • IG PTY LTD – operating in Australia, licensed and regulated by ASIC – the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, under license number 074 536 100.
  • IG Markets Limited – operating in the United Kingdom, authorized and regulated by the FCA – the Financial Conduct Authority, reference number 195355.
  • IG is also licensed by the FMA – the Financial Markets Authority – operating in New Zealand, under license number 18923.

To receive solid backing from these regulatory bodies, IG must meet stringent requirements, including the segregation of accounts. When you deposit funds into an IG account as a retail customer, your money is held in separate accounts (client trust accounts) at managed banks, ensuring IG does not use your funds for business operations, including risk hedging with other partners. Furthermore, IG is authorized by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) to conduct investment business activities. BMA requires the companies they oversee to keep customer funds in separate accounts specific to each customer.

Clearly, this is a reputable forex platform that safeguards trader interests when engaging in trading. You can consider and weigh the option of investing with IG.

IG Trading Account

There aren’t too many options available; aside from the Demo account, IG offers only one live trading account for its clients.

Benefits of Opening an Account with IG

  • No minimum deposit requirement to open an account with IG. The primary fee for each trade is the spread or a small commission for stock trades.
  • Attractive spreads, low commissions, and low margin rates across over 18,000 markets.
  • An excellent trading platform available on the web and mobile devices.
  • Expert charting package.
  • Free educational resources and videos.
  • Friendly and helpful customer support.
  • Free data, research tools, and analysis.
  • Security from a financially robust FTSE 250 company.

Trading Conditions for a Live IG Account

Phí tài khoản
Mở tài khoản Miễn phí
Phí hàng năm Miễn phí
Phí không hoạt động Phí $18 vào ngày đầu tiên của mỗi tháng, nếu không có hoạt động giao dịch nào xảy ra trong hai năm trở lên
Đóng tài khoản Miễn phí

Dưới đây là chi tiết về tài khoản giao dịch của IG:

Chi tiết giao dịch
Thị trường Hơn 18.000 thị trường toàn cầu
Phí qua đêm
Miễn thuế Không
Quy mô giao dịch tối thiểu $1 cho mỗi giao dịch trong 2 tuần đầu tiên
Ký quỹ /đòn bẩy Từ 0,25% cho ngoại hối, 5% cho cổ phiếu và chỉ số
Quản lý rủi ro Có đầy đủ các công cụ
Nền tảng có sẵn Tất cả các nền tảng
Tài khoản demo
Biểu đồ IG phát trực tiếp
Gói biểu đồ nâng cao
DMA Không
Các công cụ phân tích kỹ thuật
Lịch kinh tế
Tin tức trực tiếp của Reuters

=> With these conditions, traders of all levels, from inexperienced to professional, can register and open a trading account with IG.

Products, Trading Fees, and Leverage at IG Platform

The primary payment for CFD trading on IG is the spread (or commission in the case of CFDs on stocks or Forex DMA). Consequently, different products will have varying spreads.

Trading Products and Spreads

Thị trường Số lượng  Mức chênh lệch tối thiểu (pip) Tỷ lệ ký quỹ 
Ngoại hối 68 cặp tiền tệ 0,6 0,50%
Chỉ số 100+ mã 0,1 0,50%
Cổ phiếu 10.500+ mã 0,1 5%
Hàng hóa 47 mã 0,3 0,7%
CFD tiền điện tử 6 loại tiền điện tử 1 10%

Phí commission

When conducting trades on IG, customers will only pay a commission fee for stock trades. For all other products, this fee is entirely waived. Specifically:

Khu vực Commission/cổ phiếu Phí tối thiểu
Australia 0.08% $7
US 2 cents/cổ phiếu $15
Euro (Bỉ, Eire, Phần Lan, Pháp, Đức, Ý, Hà Lan, Bồ Đào Nha, Tây Ban Nha) 0.10% € 10
UK 0.10% £10
HK 0.18% HKD50


The maximum supported leverage at IG remains at 1:200. This is a relatively low leverage ratio compared to other forex platforms in the market. Furthermore, there will be variations in this ratio among different products. Specifically:

Sản phẩm giao dịch Tỷ lệ đòn bẩy tối đa
Forex 1:200
Chỉ số 1:200
Cổ phiếu 1:10
Hàng hóa Vàng: 1:200Bạc, đồng: 1:50Dầu: 1:67
Tiền điện tử 1:5

IG Platform Trading Offerings

The trading platform is a strong point of IG. Besides the popular MT4 platform used by many brokers, IG also provides its own excellent web-based trading platform and mobile trading app. This platform is user-friendly, offers all the necessary functions, and is customizable. Even novice traders can become familiar with the platform immediately.

Online Trading

IG’s web trading platform is available online for all CFD trading enthusiasts. You can manage your account, register, make payments, withdraw funds, and more. This platform also offers browser-based research tools such as news streaming, economic calendars, and signals.


Mobile Trading App

Trading CFDs with IG’s mobile trading app is available on both iOS and Android devices. You’ll have access to research tools and monitoring similar to the web-based platform. Additionally, you can view charts on your mobile phone and easily open or close trades while on the go.

Web Application

IG investors will have the opportunity to explore the advanced web application (PWA), providing a seamless trading platform across all devices – without the need to access third-party app stores. PWA is optimized to ensure you receive important trading updates quickly and easily, avoiding delays.

Specialized Platforms

Furthermore, IG offers several specialized platforms such as ProRealTime, MetaTrader 4, and L2 Dealer.

ProRealTime MetaTrader4 L2 Dealer
Khả năng tiếp cận Máy tính: Tải xuốngDi động: Không Máy tính: Tải xuốngDi động: Có Máy tính: Tải xuốngDi động: Không
Đối tượng Người dùng biểu đồ kỹ thuật Chuyên gia ngoại hối Nhà giao dịch cổ phiếu nâng cao
Chi phí nền tảng Miễn phí nếu bạn giao dịch 4 lần tháng. Nếu không thì mất phí là 40 USD/tháng Miễn phí Miễn phí (yêu cầu số dư tối thiểu 2000 USD)
Thị trường giao dịch Tất cả các thị trường (ngoài DMA và sprint) Forex, chỉ số, dầu và kim loại chính DMA forex và cổ phiếu ngoại hối OTC, cổ phiếu, chỉ số và hàng hóa
Công cụ giám sát ProScreener, Alerts, TopMovers, Lists, ProRealTrend và giao dịch tự động Giao dịch tự động Thứ tự thuật toán, danh sách theo dõi và cảnh báo có thể tùy chỉnh
Biểu đồ Biểu đồ ProRealTime nâng cao Biểu đồ MT4 nâng cao Quyền truy cập ProRealTime
Tiếp cận thị trường trực tiếp (DMA) Không Không
Tiện ích bổ sung Nhập chỉ số quyền truy cập vào Autochartist Bloomberg, API FIX

Despite supporting multiple platforms and trading methods, the most prominent among them is still the MT4 platform. This is an advanced trading platform that allows you to access a range of tools and features to aid in analysis and customize your trading experience. These tools can also assist you in using and building automated trading algorithms.

In addition, IG provides support for various tools and analysis methods to enhance the effectiveness of your trading, such as trading with APIs, algorithmic trading, economic calendars, and more.

Deposits and Withdrawals Fees at IG Platform

IG primarily trades in USD, EUR, and GBP. Therefore, investors in Vietnam may face disadvantages when depositing funds in VND, as currency conversion fees may apply. Furthermore, this broker has limited deposit and withdrawal methods, only including debit/credit cards and transfers from HSBC. However, in return, IG waives most fees and processes requests quickly.

Hình thức Phí Thời gian xử lý
Thẻ ghi nợ Miễn phí cho Visa/Mastercard Ngay lập tức qua My IG
Thẻ tín dụng Visa: 1%Mastercard: 0.5% Ngay lập tức qua My IG
HKD FPS Miễn phí Tối đa 3 ngày
Chuyển khoản HSBC Miễn phí Tối đa 3 ngày

For transfers from HSBC, investors need to be aware of the following transaction details:

Tên tài khoản IG International Ltd – Tài khoản Ủy thác của Khách hàng
Tên ngân hàng Công ty trách nhiệm hữu hạn ngân hàng Hồng Kông và Thượng Hải
Địa chỉ ngân hàng 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

Additional bank details by currency unit:

Đơn vị tiền tệ thanh toán Số tài khoản
Đô la Mỹ (USD) 741-183206- 201
Đô la Hồng Kông (HKD) 741-183206- 001
Euro (EUR) 741-183206-220
Bảng Anh (GBP) 741-183206-202
Đô la Úc (AUD) 741-183206-203
Đô la Singapore (SGD) 741-183206-216

One drawback of the IG platform is that withdrawal times can be somewhat lengthy, taking approximately 3-5 days. Moreover, Mastercards issued outside the UK are not allowed for withdrawals.

Customer Service at IG Platform

IG’s customer service is quite noteworthy. Typically, some trading platforms only offer customer support 24/5, which can be inconvenient if you have inquiries over the weekend. However, IG’s customer service operates 24/7, seven days a week, offering support through three channels: live chat, phone, and email. Through our assessment, we found that IG’s response times on live chat and phone channels are quite good. The email channel is also relatively fast and provides accurate responses to the focus of inquiries.

Summary of Pros and Cons of IG Platform

  • IG is licensed by ASIC and FCA.
  • Competitive spreads and commissions on various stock products.
  • A diverse range of trading products, especially stocks.
  • Diverse and modern trading platforms.
  • Advanced trading support tools.
  • Professional customer service.


  • Limited trading account options.
  • Relatively low maximum leverage.
  • Limited deposit and withdrawal methods for Vietnamese traders.
  • Lack of Vietnamese language support.


Based on the detailed review of IG platform, it can be seen that this broker has some limitations. However, its legal standing is very solid. Therefore, if you are a new trader looking for a reliable forex platform to start trading, IG is an ideal choice. But don’t forget to equip yourself with a strong knowledge of forex and an understanding of the economics, politics, and society of various countries around the world to better serve your trading journey! Wishing you success!

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