How to Withdrawals on Roobet – Cash Balance via Crypto

*Before you may withdraw your Cash Balance using Cryptocurrency, you must first pass Level 2 Account Verification. This is How to Withdrawals on Roobet possible here*

  1. Here, go to the withdrawal tab

  2. Choose “Cash” from the available balance choices, then “Crypto” from the list of potential withdrawal methods.

  3. You will then be able to choose the currency in which you want to withdraw your funds: BTC, ETH, or LTC. Your cash will be transferred in the currency of your choosing.

  4. After selecting the currency you want to withdraw with, enter your wallet address for the chosen currency, the amount you wish to withdraw, and the priority you like the withdrawal to be sent with (if applicable). Click the box next to “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Responsible Gambling Policy, Payment Policy, and any other connected Policies.”

  5. Choose “Withdraw Money” You will then be prompted to input your 6-digit 2FA Verification code; if you have not activated this feature, you may do so at this point.

  6. Once you select “Continue”, your funds will be sent to the address that you put in when placing your withdrawal. Once the transaction confirms on the blockchain, you will receive it in your crypto wallet!

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How to Withdrawals on Roobet with Credit Card

With a credit card, the withdrawal procedure is extremely quick and uncomplicated.

  1. Now, go to your withdrawal page and pick “Cash.”

  2. Choose “Card”

  3. Input the desired withdrawal amount (amount must be larger than $15) and then click “Withdraw Money.” Afterwards, you will be required to input your 2fa credentials. After clicking “Withdraw Money,” the monies are reserved for withdrawal and deducted from their balance. If the credit card form is not submitted within thirty minutes, your withdrawal will be immediately canceled and the cash will be restored to your account balance.

  4. Enter the card/billing details where you want your withdrawal to be delivered, and then click “Pay now.”

    How to Withdrawals on Roobet
  5. Your cash will subsequently be sent to the card you provided!

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How to Withdrawals on Roobet with Astropay

The withdrawal procedure with AstroPay is quick and uncomplicated.

  1. Now, go to your withdrawal page and pick “Cash.”

  2. Input the phone number linked with your AstroPay account and the withdrawal amount, followed by the 2FA code.

How to Withdrawals on Roobet

3. You will get both a message that your withdrawal is pending and a notification that it has been completed.

4. Go to your AstroPay account, and your funds will now show in your AstroPay balance.

How to Withdrawals on Roobet

Withdrawing on Roobet with Smart Contract

Currently, Roobet does not support smart contract addresses, which are effectively a separate kind of address used on the Ethereum network. To withdraw, you must use a separate wallet/address, since our system is not yet support withdrawals to contract addresses. Exodus, Coinbase, or Blockchain are suggested.

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