How to Withdrawals on Rollbit Casino with Cryptocurrency

To withdraw cryptocurrencies from Rollbit, pick the “Withdraw” option after clicking the “Cashier” button at the top of the page. Here you may choose the desired coin for withdrawal. Withdrawals on Rollbit

Afterwards, you will be able to select your bitcoin address, the amount you intend to withdraw, and two-factor authentication (if enabled) if your account supports it (we strongly recommend it). After satisfied, click “Request Withdrawal.”

Withdrawals on Rollbit

How to Withdrawals on Rollbit Casino with NFT

To withdraw an NFT, go to “My NFTs.” Here you may click the three dots in the upper right corner of the NFT, followed by “Withdraw.”

The recipient’s ETH address and 2FA code, if appropriate, are then entered. After satisfied, click “Request Withdrawal.”

To withdraw an NFT, you must have sufficient cash on hand to pay the gas price.

How can I examine the standing of my withdrawal?

You may see the transaction on the blockchain by visiting the Withdrawals page.

If your withdrawal indicates that you should contact support, please submit a live support ticket so that we can evaluate this for you.

Withdrawal Requirements

The following are our withdrawal conditions for new accounts:

  • Deposit $10
  • Wager $10

When these conditions are satisfied, there are no withdrawal restrictions.

Where am I withdrawing?

Typically, withdrawals are completed promptly, however certain withdrawals need human approval by our 24/7 support staff.

You may determine whether your withdrawal needs a human review by seeing the withdrawal’s status on the page devoted to withdrawals. If this is the case, please submit a live support ticket so that we can investigate!

You may also click “View” on the withdrawal on the withdrawals page to inspect the transaction on the blockchain and verify its status.

The majority of the time, withdrawals have been handled and are awaiting confirmations before being shown in the recipient wallet.

If your withdrawal is not visible on the blockchain 15 minutes after clicking View, please contact our support team so we can investigate.

Can I terminate my withdrawal? Withdrawals on Rollbit

After a withdrawal request has been submitted, it cannot be canceled. This is because they are digested instantaneously.

If a withdrawal is being reviewed, it will be held until the review is complete, after which it will be handled as usual, but it cannot be revoked.

Fees for deposits and withdrawals

You will only pay network or gas costs while making deposits and withdrawals, depending on the cryptocurrency you are using. Withdrawal fees are always fairly priced to guarantee a rapid transaction without excessive charges.

Rollbit does not impose any extra fees for deposits or withdrawals.


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