How to Deposit Roobet with a Credit Card

At Roobet, we provide a range of various deposit Roobet ways, and one of these methods is Credit Card deposits. Deposit Roobet with a Credit Card. All money on Roobet are shown in Roobidos, which are equivalent to $1 USD, and all deposits are made in this currency. To make a credit card deposit into your Roobet account, please follow these steps:


  1. Click this link to open the deposit tab, or choose “Deposit” at the top of the webpage.

    Deposit Roobet

  2. Choose “Cash” from the drop-down menu to ensure that your cash balance is chosen, and then ensure that “Credit Card” is selected from the list of possibilities. These choices may vary by location, however “Credit Card” will be offered at all places that now accept cash deposits.

    Deposit Roobet with a Credit Card

  3. Input the desired deposit amount (the minimum deposit amount is $10) and your card information, then click “Deposit.”

    Deposit Roobet with a Credit Card
  4. You will get an alert on Roobet indicating that your deposit is being processed, followed by a second alert indicating that your deposit has been completed and is now in your balance. Your money is now shown in your Cash Balance, and you are free to spend it on Roobet!


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