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Create Rollbit account. Please acknowledge the following facts before we begin. Create Rollbit account

  • You are of legal gambling age in your current location.

  • You are prepared to play responsibly and are aware that you should gamble for pleasure rather than profit.
  • is a cryptocurrency casino; to play, you must first acquire one of the three accepted cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, or LTC). You may do it securely if you follow the instructions outlined below.

1. Click Register in the upper-right corner of the screen. You will then be sent to the registration screen.


2. After arriving at the registration page, you must complete all forms for your new account. You will also have the option of creating an account through Steam or Twitch. (If you opt to utilize Twitch/Steam, you must manually input an email address in the account page.)

Registration Screen

3. After creating an account on, click the deposit option in the top-middle of the screen. Here is where you may deposit and withdraw bitcoin, redeem coupons, and request a referral.

Deposit Tab

4. After the screen loads, there will be four tabs to pick from. The first tab is where you may deposit any supported coin (BTC, ETH, or LTC). When you choose the currency you want to deposit, you will be sent to a wallet that was generated just for you.

Deposit Crypto

5. The second tab enables you to withdraw your chosen coin. Just choose one of the three supported cryptocurrencies and transfer funds to an external wallet or exchange.

Create Rollbit account
Withdrawal Crypto

6. The third tab has coupons commonly distributed by Rollbit and streamers. These certificates may be redeemed for Rollbit credits, so keep a watch on Twitter and Twitch livestreams to acquire one!

Create Rollbit account
Redeem Coupon

7. You may now claim special rewards by visiting to the referral page and inputting a Streamers/YouTubers code.

Create Rollbit account
Referral Tab

I hope you like your stay to Rollbit. Please gamble responsibly and let me know in the comments if you have any queries or recommendations on how to improve this guide. If you found this article to be extremely interesting, I would appreciate it if you joined up for Rollbit using the link below. Send a message to a mod or use the website’s live chat feature if you need assistance for Create Rollbit account.


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