Hello! So you want to know how to create a Roobet Account

Yes it’s simple! Before we begin, we must check off a few things.

You are of legal age to bet in your current location.

You are prepared to bet safely and responsibly

You have bitcoin available for deposit. Roobet is a Cryptocurrency-powered casino. If you don’t have bitcoin, you can obtain some by following this tutorial: https://www.reddit.com/r/Roobet/comments/hyd26s/how to buy bitcoin and deposit on roobet full/.

After completing these three steps, visit Roobet.com to establish an account.


Create a Roobet Account
This is the Roobet Home Page

Choose Register in the upper-right corner.

➜ Open Free Roobet Account

After doing so, you will be presented with the registration screen.
Complete the fields for create a Roobet Account.

Create a Roobet Account
Register Screen

➜ Open Free Roobet Account

After completing this step, you will need to validate your email address; thus, go to your email to do so.
It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you add an Authenticator to your account for further protection. This option can be found on the Security tab of your account page.

Create a Roobet Account
Two Factor for additional security

That’s all!!
Your new account with roobet has been created!
The last screen we must master is the wallet/deposit window.
At the top of the homepage, click the Deposit button.

Create a Roobet Account
Create a Roobet Account

➜ Open Free Roobet Account

After clicking Deposit, the Wallet screen will appear.
This page is used to deposit Bitcoin
Follow the instructions at https://www.reddit.com/r/Roobet/comments/hyd26s/how to buy and deposit on roobet full for further information on how to purchase and deposit BTC.

Let me to be the first to welcome you to ROOBET.
Always remember to play it safe and to be bitcoin secure
Have fun

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve this guide, please leave them in the comments section below. If this guide helped you in any way, I would appreciate it if you signed up using my roobet referral link, which will unlock your Roowards level 1 immediately so you can start earning rewards without having to wager $1,000.


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